Deep cleanse facial is a must for all. The daily pollutants our skin is exposed to creates havoc on our skin. The facial includes mild exfoliation, gentle black head extraction, and removal of milia.Collagen revitalizing treatment is a hydration and collagen replenishing service. A mask containing protein rich and Vitamin C ingredients is applied to the skin. This treatment is not only relaxing but will leave your skin glowing. Instant rejuvenation can be achieved! It is recommended to have a series of treatments for longer lasting results.

Dermal Roller

This technique involves rolling minute needles over the skin for collagen stimulation. Many celebrities are enjoying the benefits of dermal roller treatment. It is essentially a roller with tiny studded surgical steel micro-needles. The device is rolled over the skin and produces mild dermal wounds. As the skin goes through its natural wound healing process collagen stimulation occurs. Increasing collagen production increases skin elasticity. As a result of this treatment skin becomes firmer, smoother and radiant. Other benefits of dermal roller are for acne scarring, stretch marks and fine lines and hair loss. The dermal roller helps stimulate dormant follicles in individuals experiencing hair loss.

*Individual results may vary.