PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma or better known as PRP is a therapy that uses a patient own blood to stimulate a healing response within a damaged tissue. Apart from red blood and white blood cells, our blood contains cells called platelets. The function of the platelets is to promote healing and aid in clotting of blood when a wound occurs. These platelets contain growth factors that promote regeneration of the cells in the body. PRP has been used in medicine for over twenty years. PRP hair loss treatment increases blood circulation and provides nutrition to the hair follicle. When we provide platelets via PRP in the area of damaged hair follicles, it increases the body’s natural wound healing mechanism thus stimulating and restore hair growth.  PRP Hair loss treatment is safe, effective and FDA approved.  Visit one of our Brampton or Vaughan clinics for a free hair assessment.
*Individual results may vary.